3-in-1 Virtualized Gaming/Streaming rig | Update 1

Hey everyone! I haven’t forgotten about this project! I haven’t updated in awhile but I ran into an issue I couldn’t work around and ended up backing away from the project for the time being. The major issue was getting the windows VM to start while passing the main GPU through. The VM would work fine, but the GPU would show the error 43. When I was running a second GPU, in the first PCIe slot, I was able to get the VM to work and even was able to play some games. Unfortunately my 1070Ti is a 2.5 slot card, so when I run it in that second PCIe slot, it covers some of the other PCIe slots which I need (to add a USB 3.0 PCIe adapter and a sound card).

I need to purchase a new case, which will allow me to remote mount the primary 1070Ti GPU vertically away from the PCIe slots (using an extension cable). This will allow me to run a lower end GPU in the primary slot, keep the 10 gigabit network card and adding the USB 3.0 PCIe adapter. Plus I’ll need a sound card to pass into the VM and need a slot for that too!

While this seems like a pretty easy task, my wife and I welcomed twins into this world in December! Adeline and Benson are doing great! And so is my wife! However, majority of my free time has been spent getting to know them. I’ll probably have more time later in 2019 to pick this project back up and see it through to the end. Hopefully with a few How-To guides as well. Check back often for updates!

— February 25, 2019

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