Welcome to my technology blog! My name is Ryan Robb and I’ve been a tech geek since I was 8 years old. My father sat me down in front of his 386sx 16 Compuadd computer to play education games. Once I started to learn dos commands to run my games, I was hooked. At age 12, I assembled my first custom computer. An Intel P90, 2MB of ram and a 512MB HDD (if I remember it correctly). This quickly turned into a hobby of refurbishing older computers and reselling them locally. I knew very early on I wanted to pursue a career in Information Technology!

I’ve worked in various areas of the market; Healthcare, Small/Medium Business MSP, and now Education. Specially, I’m working for Pennsylvania State University, in the Institute for Cyber Science. We operation over 26,000 CPU cores which allow Penn State researchers to carry out advanced simulation and statistical modeling, data analysis, data mining, machine learning, and more.

My focus in IT is in virtualization technology, networking and storage. I also enjoy gaming on PC (which plays into my hobby with building PCs and hardware in general).

I hope to use my blog to talk about the various areas of IT I enjoy and maybe in the process of that, spark someone’s interest or assist them in learning!